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To achieve change, we need the help of the Ohio Legislator and Governor to sponsor the Parole Reform Bill, and turn into Law!

Please contact the legislators below, briefly sharing your experience and asking to sponsor the Parole Reform Bill.  For a Sample Letter, please view below:


Senator John Eklund at phone614-466-778.

Senator McColley

Senator Thomas 614-466-8980.

Senator Lehner

Senator Fedor

Senator Huffman

Senator Craig

Senator Andrew Brenner

Senator Kenny Yuko

Senator O’Brien SeonO’

An excellent example letter from Mildred Gonzalez-Serota


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Date (3/27/19)

The Honorable Senator John Eklund  

Senate Building 1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor

Columbus, Ohio

Dear Senator Eklund:

I am writing to urge you to support the introduction and passage of a bill, sponsored by Fair Treatment Reform and Re-entry, to reform Ohio parole law. For you information, I am attaching a copy of the proposed bill, which was also distributed on February 21, 2019 during legislative-day meetings with members of the public at the Statehouse.

The proposed bill addresses significant deficiencies in the unfair policies and procedures of the Ohio Parole Board. Current parole practices have an especially harsh and dramatic impact on the thousands of people serving indeterminate life sentences in Ohio, since parole is generally the only way to obtain release for this population.

As an Ohio resident and tax payer, I recognize that continuing to incarcerate people who have proven themselves to be rehabilitated for decades makes no fiscal sense. It may also actually harm public safety, because the funds spent on continued incarceration could better be spent on post-release programs for successful reintegration into society.

I urge you, as a Senator, to work with the legislature to take up the proposed bill and help us to push forward for humane practices and procedures at parole hearings.

Please contact me with any additional questions you may have regarding this proposal.

Respectfully yours,

(Your signature)

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